About Whitney’s

About Whitney's Landscaping


I am John Whitney, the principal of Whitney’s Landscaping, Inc. Thirty years ago Whitney’s Landscaping took flight here in the Hamptons. Our guiding philosophy has been to do quality work at a reasonable price. Over the years we have worked all over the Hamptons from large estates to a rare Chinese Garden – and everything in between. Though we are not a large company, our experience and proficiency allows us to accomplish large and small jobs alike. From designing to planting to maintaining we are comprehensive in our approach to horticulture.

What makes us different from a lot of companies is our knowledge of plants. I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and have worked at the Arnold Arboretum and the Morris Arboretum curating their woody plant collections. I am a co-founder of the Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons and belong to many professional organizations. I think it is our intellectual curiosity and our professional commitment to the art and science of horticulture that has kept us in the vanguard of our industry.

My foreman, Carlos Caal, has worked for me for 16 years – and the rest of the crew for almost as long. Over the years our cohesiveness has turned our production into a well-oiled machine.

My wife, Regina Whitney, is in charge of the herbaceous gardens. She is very talented with flowers, tropical plants, and vegetable gardens and nobody works harder.

Whitney’s Landscaping provides a service to our clients that is vigorous, competent, and horticulturally knowledgeable.